10 Blogging Myths and the Truth Behind Them

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This is a post from about two years ago from the founder of Seymour Products – I thought it was so good and helpful, that I would re-run it for your pleasure. – Enjoy…


What is a myth?   A myth is actually a false belief or opinion.  However, not all of the myths below are completely false.  They do hold some grain of truth to them.  But it is not always easy to sort the fact from fiction. 

Although I have been in the internet marketing business for about 20 years, I am actually a blogging newbie.  I have been blogging for just under two years.

I have learned some things in that time by reading and by experience. Unfortunately, many of the information you read online can be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Some information is taken at face value but it must be delved into with more detail to get the full truth. Below is some basic blogging information that needs to be explored more to fully understand the truth of the matter.  


Myth #1 Just Set Up a Blog and Start Making Money

This is similar to when the internet first came out.  Many people were led to believe all you had to do was throw up a website and you could start making money.  The same thing is happening with blogs.  Building a successful, income-earning blog takes time, work, commitment and passion. 

There are many ways to monetize a blog but some of them might not work for your blog.  Don’t make the mistake of just throwing up a bunch of ads and think the money will start rolling in.

a) Use your blog as an extension of your ecommerce site.
b) Sell advertising space.
c) Join some good affiliate programs.
d) Develop and launch your own product.
e) Sell information or digital products.
f) Host webinars.
g) Offer live workshops and tutorials.
h) Sell services.
i) Start a membership site.

These are just a few ways you can use your blog to start earning a living online.

Myth #2 You Have to Be a Great Writer

A good writer does not necessarily a good blogger make!  Writing and blogging are two separate things.  To be a good blogger you just need to know what you are talking about and have the passion to share it with your audience.

You do not need to use fancy words. Write like you are talking to a friend and telling them about your recipe, pet tips, DIY ideas, etc. Connect with your readers by being one of them and sharing your knowledge so they can connect and relate to you. 

Myth #3 More Posts Mean More Traffic

While this could certainly be the case, it is not carved in stone.  You will read many times that you should be posting at least once or more per day.  This supposedly brings you more traffic.

However, as we dig a little deeper into this tidbit we know that quality is better than and more productive than quantity.  Take the time to write posts that are full of helpful information, resources, images, stats, etc.  Don’t just throw up a post because someone said more posts equals more traffic.

Many bloggers have become successful with one or two well thought out posts per week. As long as you are consistent and post regularly, the content of these posts is much more important than the number of posts. 

Myth #4 Shorter Posts Get Read More

This myth has been believed for quite some time.  In some cases, it could be true but in reality the length of the post is not as important as the post itself.  If the post contains quality information and provides help to your audience then the length is trivial. 

I personally prefer longer posts with a bit more guts to them but some people prefer quick, to-the-point posts as long as they are informative and helpful.

Keep in mind that you do not want to write a book but provide the information needed to make the post effective.  A quality post is not about length but content.  

Myth #5 More Traffic Means More Money

Again, to some extent this is true but what your goal is for traffic is targeted traffic.  You need to pull in the traffic that is actually interested in what you offer. 

Your traffic numbers could be monumental but if these people are not interested in what you are offering, what is the point.  It certainly will not bring more money. 

One good way to bring in targeted traffic is by guest blogging on popular blogs within your niche.  Social media can also build your targeted traffic numbers.

Myth #6 Blogging is Easy

Some aspects of blogging are easy but as a whole, the process of building a successful blog is a lot of work, dedication, patience and attention to detail.  You cannot neglect your blog.  It needs constant attention and commitment.  You cannot neglect your blog.  It needs constant attention and commitment. 

a) Take the time to plan out your design.
b) Take the time to write quality posts
c) Take the time to connect with your readers/visitors
d) Take the time to promote quality affiliate products
e) Take the time to give your blog the devotion it needs

Myth #7 Don’t Link to Competing Blogs

Most people would think it is a bad idea to link to your competition and cause your visitors to leave your blog for theirs.  Linking to other bloggers and connecting with your business peers can expand your network to exchange ideas, information and cross-promote each other.  If your visitors like what you offer, they will come back for more.

Myth #8 You Can’t Earn a Living Just by Blogging

A common misunderstanding about blogging is that people only come to a blog to read the free content and you cannot earn money with a blog. 

This is totally untrue. The goal of your blog is to connect with and build trust with your readers so the possibility of earning a living becomes more attainable. Once you have built your reputation and your readers trust you, you can start monetizing your blog.

To be successful takes the right combination of helping your visitors and turning them into your customers. 

Myth #9 I’ve Got Social Media, I Don’t Need SEO

If only we could just focus on one aspect of marketing to become successful, it would make our job a lot easier.  But the truth being, just because we concentrate on one method of marketing such as social media, it does not mean we can neglect something as important as SEO. 

In this instance we go back to quality, not quantity.  Your social media efforts might indeed send you tons of traffic, but how much of that is targeted traffic?  Search engines send you targeted traffic which means those who find your site are truly interested in what you offer.  That is your main traffic goal, so do not neglect your SEO tactics.

But this is a two-way street.  Do not be so obsessed with your SEO traffic that you neglect other marketing venues.

Myth #10 You Have to Focus on One Specific Niche

We have all heard it said that you must find your niche.  Focus on one narrow niche and you will become more successful.   I personally disagree with this.  You can easily produce a blog that deals with several specific niches within one big niche.

For example:  If your niche is DIY, you could have many different aspects of this “niche” including home remodeling, crafting, repurposing, etc.  Many people blog about all aspects of life and ways to improve them. I think it is better to widen your scope of niches rather than sticking to one narrow path.  By doing this you can increase your targeted market and produce more positive results.

Blogging can be very rewarding but be wary of all the “myths” floating about out there.  Research and get different opinions and facts.  Dig deeper to find the truth in the myth. 

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