10 Exciting Ways to Become a Successful ebook Entrepreneur

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With so many people starting home and online businesses these days, it can get confusing as to which type of business to get into.  I actually tried several online businesses before finding the one that was right for me and brought in the most income.  I first tried selling crafts online.  I was very inexperienced then and had the “Build it and they will come” mentality!  Of course, this did not happen.

I then tried a very reputable MLM company.  They have wonderful products but it just did not work out.  Then I decided to become a distributor for a gift and home décor company.  This did pretty well but fizzled out after a couple of years.  I also tried internet marketing affiliate sites but they were not exactly what I was looking for either. 

It was kind of by accident that I got started in ebooks but it soon blossomed and I realized I finally found the business that was right for me.   If you are not sure what type of business is right for you, here are ten reasons why ebooks could be just what you are looking for. 

1.  One very important reason to get started with ebooks is that they are good for the environment.  If you are looking to get into a business that is environmentally conscious, ebooks certainly fill the bill.  eBooks are computer files so no paper is needed to write, publish or sell an ebook.  This saves trees, which helps the environment!  Also, no packaging is needed to ship computer files so again this saves the environment!

2. No Physical Products – Because ebooks are computer files (digital products) there is no need to purchase products over and over.  There is no need to be able to store dozens of items for sale.   You purchase each ebook just once and sell it over and over.  This decreases your business expenses astronomically!

3.  No Shipping Hassles – You never need to physically ship an ebook so there are no shipping costs, hassles or damage claims to deal with.   This cuts down on problems, headaches, and costs.

4.  No “Mother Company” – When you sell ebooks, the business is yours.  You run it as you see fit with no “Mother Company” dictating your marketing with their rules.

5.  100% Online – Your ebook business can be done 100% online.  There is no need for home parties, door to door sales, etc.  This cuts down dramatically on your business expenses.  

6.  All Profits are Yours – Because this is your business and you are not selling someone else’s products, you keep ALL the profits, not just a small commission.

7.  Popularity – eBooks are becoming more and more popular.  More people are reading and buying ebooks and their popularity will continue to rise.

8.  Automatic Delivery – With a digital product store all orders are taken and delivered automatically.   Orders can be completed while you’re sleeping.  The customer receives their order immediately and the process is done in minutes as opposed to days with physical products. 

9.  Larger Target Market – Some products have a very limited target market but because you can offer such a wide variety of ebooks your target market is huge.    Not only can you target people interested in books but people who want to make money at home or start their own business are your target market as well.  This is a huge slice of the niche pie!

10.  Additional Business – eBooks do not have to be your only business.   An ebook store can be added on to an existing online business.  You can sell ebooks related to your niche.  For example: if you sell home décor, you can add a home improvement ebook store to your existing site.  You can sell yard and garden ebooks as well.  eBooks can be your sole income or they can drastically increase your existing business income. 

About the Author:
Terri Seymour has almost 20 years of internet marketing experience and has helped many people start their own ebook business.  Now is the time to get started with your own exciting resell ebook business. 

Terri, the former owner of this website wrote this article 7 years ago, and little has changed – I am reprising this article to show you what she was able to do and support herself for the 13 or so years she owned the business.  I purchased this store from Terri about 1 year ago, as she was retiring, and like all new owners, I have made some changes.  Many new and exciting changes will be forthcoming.  We have added tutorials, niche blog websites and even offer for sale long established websites, and for those of you we have added an affiliate program, and hundreds of new ebooks, and even WordPress plugins and themes.  Click on any of these links I have added and there are Three Amazing Ebooks for free. – All you need to do is subscribe to our once a week new product additions and once a week blog newsletter Thank you for your interest in Seymourproducts.com


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