10 Ways to Secure Your Customer’s Satisfaction

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Secure Your Customer’s Satisfaction

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As we all know customers are the core of any business in one way or the other.  Without our customers, we would be nothing.  So, it would be a wise decision to make sure all of our customers are properly taken care of and satisfied when they do business with us.

Listed below are ten ways we can begin to secure our customers happiness and satisfaction.

1. Always be attentive towards the customer.  Be sure to listen to them
when they tell you what they want or of any problems they are having
with your products and/or services. Never dismiss their opinions or

2. Reward regular customers and new potential customers.  I like to treat my regular customers but be sure not to neglect potential and new customers.  They deserve special treatment as well. Offer special discounts, free gifts, points towards more free gifts, coupons, money-saving bundles or packages, etc.  The more options you provide, the more sales you will probably get.

3. Respect your customers!   I cannot stress this one enough.  Treat your customers, one and all, like they were your family.  Give them all the respect and care they need from you and then some.

4. Earn their trust and respect!  If you promise something, deliver!  If you say you will give them a special deal, deliver.  Always be true to your word and do not make false claims or promises.  People are not stupid and they will see through deceptive marketing practices.

5. The customer is always right.  Unfortunately this is not true.  The customer is sometimes wrong and in that case, you should handle it properly. Be calm, polite, supportive and helpful.  Explain the problem and let the customer know what you will do to rectify the situation.  Your calm demeanor can sometimes calm the customer.  Never lose control of your emotions.

6. Don’t make your customers feel like an annoyance.  I have been to some places where the person taking care of me has acted like he/she didn’t want me there.  This is not how you want your customers to feel!  Talk to your customers, not at them.  Smile and be friendly and courteous at all times.  Just because your kids are acting up that day, it is no reason to take it out on your customers.  Always separate your business from your problems in your own life.

7. Don’t make your customers jump through hoops!  Make their experience with you and your business as easy and pleasant as possible.  Don’t make them write their life history or click a million times to get through your ordering process.  Let them know the prices and any shipping and/or taxes upfront.  Make sure they know exactly what to expect.

8. Answer questions.  Customers need to know what they are buying so be sure you are able to answer any and all questions they may have.  If you do not have the answer readily available, assure them that you will find out the answer ASAP.  Make sure they know how to contact you so they are more comfortable in your availability.

9. Build confidence.  Your customers need to be confident in you and what you offer so be sure to come through.  Be straightforward and do not offer anything you cannot give. Be honest at all times.  Do not try to sugarcoat things by stretching or twisting the truth.  Customers will appreciate honesty and their confidence in you and your business will soar.

10. A bad customer?  Is there such a thing as a bad customer?  Unfortunately there is.  With some people, no matter what you to do try to make amends or make them happy, it just won’t be enough.  All you can do with these customers is treat them with respect; be polite and let them know you will do anything you can to help.

Even so, there are times when you just have to let a customer go.  After doing everything you can with no end in sight, politely inform the customer they should perhaps go elsewhere to find what they are looking for.  I have had to do this a couple of times in the five years I have had my ebook store.  The first time really upset me but when I came to grips with it and went over everything I did, I realized I could not have done anything more for this person.   Do not let this interfere with your business or get you frustrated or depressed; it does happen.

Satisfied customers are our best advertisements so be sure to treat them all as you would want to be treated.  Customers are intelligent individuals and need to be regarded as such.  Doing this will bring your business to new levels!

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