35 Simple Tips To Make Money Online

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35 Simple Tips To Make Money Online


1. Do not overload your site with flashing lights and slow-loading pictures. Keep it simple.

2. Put your own personality into your site and make it unique.

3. Put your contact information listed on every page.

4. Make every page of your site consistent. You want your website understandable and straightforward.

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6. Provide a bunch of useful materials. Don’t make your site one big advertisement.

7. Answer all email inquiries quickly and completely

8. Make it easy to order your products. The simpler the order, the more items you’ll sell.

9. You can publish an ezine. This ezine will enable you to keep in contact with your readers and form a significant bond.

10. Use an email autoresponder to follow up.

11. Write and submit articles to publish in other places.

12. Try using ad swaps with other websites.

13. Set up a links page and exchange links with other publishers.

14. Build your reputation and yourself as a foundation for your online success.

15. Follow-up on everything.

16. Develop contacts and relationships with other publishers and entrepreneurs.

17. Learn how to write your own eBook to sell or give away.

18. Join discussion lists and message boards and network, network, and network. Enjoy some new friendships along the way.

19. Find and join some good affiliate programs to help you learn marketing selling and to add to your income.

20. Do not spam! If you are unsure if something is spam, find out before you proceed.

21. Purchase your domain name.

22. List your ezine in several popular directories.

23. Be true to yourself and your customers. This ezine will establish trust, which is necessary to be successful.

24. Include a bit of original material in your ezine. If you are not yet writing articles, write an editorial for each issue. Let your readers get to know you.

25. Do not insult other people. ALWAYS treat others with respect.

26. Subscribe to several ezines. Read and learn from them. The best ezines have tremendous information and resources.

27. Participate in joint ventures with other eBook authors, ezine publishers, etc. This ezine is the right way of making more money and providing resources for your subscribers. Always review the product before you promote it.

28. Never stop learning!! There is an endless amount of information to determine when running an online business. Do not ever think that you know all you need to know.

29. Be open to new ideas and be willing to take risks.

30. Learn from others who have been there already. Most of the publishers and entrepreneurs are willing and happy to help Newbies.

31. When publishing an ezine, stuff it with useful content and resources. Give your readers what they crave – information! Don’t throw 30 ads together and call it an ezine!

32. Thoroughly check out all opportunities and offers before joining or buying. There are a lot of scammers out there.

33. When writing articles, write as if you are teaching. Don’t turn the material into a sales letter for one of your products.

34. Back up all your information and work, so you do not lose it. This backup is essential!

35. Do not think you have to read, buy, or use every product, eBook, or program out there.

36. Choose a business that will bring out your passion and commitment. Running an online business can be an enriching and fulfilling experience.

I wish you all the success and satisfaction with your online venture. Do not let the frustration or setbacks get you down. Use them as a learning experience to make you stronger, better, and more successful!

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