5 Brilliant Ways To Make insane profits with PLR

Make Money With PLR Working From Home

By Larry Newman

This article is going to show you several quick and dirty

ways that you can start using Private Label Rights’

products to make a good income on the Internet.

The process that you are about to learn has all of the

fluff, filler, and BS removed from it so that you get

nothing but hard hitting, fast paced information that

you can start implementing right away.

Let’s get to it…

1) Customize

The first step in using private label rights products

for making money is to make sure that you customize

the product as much as possible.

I recommend that you do all of the following:  Change

the title, the chapter names and all the sub-heads in

the book itself.  I also recommend that you add an

introduction of your own giving your opinion of the

book as well as a conclusion with your own concluding

summary or opinion.  Optionally (but recommended) you

could also add small 1-2 sentence intros and

conclusions to each chapter to personalize your product (very important)

Personalize PLR articles

2) Articles, Articles, Articles

The second step is to have articles based on

a subject that you are creating in order to post

them on article sites and start getting links, traffic, and sales.

You always have the option of taking out some of the

content out the books you have private label rights to

and using that to create an article.  Keep in mind

that the good private label rights sites give you

articles that you can use without having to go through

all that trouble.

Missing link to PLR

3) The Missing Link

Once you have an article or articles that you can use

to submit to article directories and other places on

the web it’s essential that you start getting links to

them.  Link to your articles from your LinkedIn page, from your Twitter page, from

your FaceBook page.  Bookmark them in your Digg

account, your Google bookmarks, your Yahoo! bookmarks.

You want to get as many links to your content as

possible to start the wheels rolling when it comes to

search engines finding your content, spidering it and

indexing it as fast as possible.

Premiums for plr

4) Add Premiums

Once you’ve created your product, submitted some

articles and created some links and traffic, it’s time

to add some premiums to your product.

This is actually very easy and you can add your own links to your websites

that offer gifts for purchases, you can use the same articles as premiums for

other products you sell, use your imagination, and you will soon develop

your rhythm for doing these things.

You can create an audio version of your book read by a voice

over artist and offer it via instant download.

Have a writer expand on a certain section of your book

and make it an advanced manual on that topic.

As you can see, all of the ideas that I give you are

pretty easy ones that you can hire someone to do for

you at a relatively cheap price since none of them are

writing a new book but rather adding a new resource to


A site you would use for finding good outsourcers for

the work above would be fiverr.com


5) Re-Package

Once you’ve added some premiums to your product and

have started selling them, it’s time to start thinking

about re-packaging your offering.

This is a great way to offer a higher price point

on your product that you can sell for much greater profits.


Think about this.  If over the course of a year or so,

you had an audio version of the book created, had

an extra manual that is written on a certain aspect of your books

subject matter and had an hour of video done that

gives more information as well as online resources,

could you package this all up together?  You bet!

You could offer a physical product or Biz-in a- Box for several hundred

dollars by doing nothing more than offering everything

above.  Here’s what your package would include.

Main Manual Printed & Spiral Bound

Advanced Manual Printed & Spiral Bound

Audio Version On 4 CDs.

Video Supplement On 2 CDs.

Are you beginning to see how this has turned from a

PLR eBook into a full-blown physical course that could

command a price of $297?

Whatever your situation, get moving and start creating

income with your Private Label Rights products.

To Your Success,  Larry Newman

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