5 Important Business Intelligence Tools

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5 Important Business Intelligence Tools for Professional Digital Marketers


Digital marketers definitely get benefited by the business intelligence tools. These tools usually remain packed with various smart features and functions which make digital marketing easier.

When it comes to digital marketing tools then they bring about an immense efficiency while automating various repetitive processes and compiling information which otherwise would take a long time to get manually done.

These tools are even able to guide the smart marketing strategies and further ensure that nothing gets ever missed!

Do you want to know which tools I am talking about?

Well, then just read ahead!

  1. Clearslide

Clearslide is an excellent software which extends its immense technological aspects to both marketing, sales, and customer service teams. This tool can significantly raise the productivity of sales representative, enhance the accuracy of forecasts, and finally optimize the sales content to achieve huge success.

Moreover, Clearslide never fails to improve sales content, communications, and analytics to a huge extent. With Clearslide, you can get a better leader effectiveness while employing better deal visibility and powerful coaching. Also, this is not the end!

These tools even come with a proprietary item which is referred as ‘For You’ and also the smart Activity Insight Cards features which usually help sales, marketing, and service managers on the next-step actions.

  1. Hubspot Marketing

It is one of the three major software products in the HubSpot Growth Stack which has been developed to facilitate the generation of leads, management of company’s pipeline and so on.

Overall, Hubspot Marketing is a fantastic business intelligence tool which is has been designed to be an all-in-one inbound marketing application. With the help of a responsive support team working behind this high-end software, HubSpot Marketing always provides everything starting from traffic generation, to lead conversion, and fast ROI.

However, when this software is used with rest of the technologies of the HubSpot Growth Stack Software, this software can promise extremely efficient operation and smarter marketing strategies.

  1. Optimizely

Yes! It has been declared as the leading experimentation platform of the world. This software always aims to offer the easiest and powerful solution for transforming customer’s experience.

The most significant work that this tool does is to help marketers and even the sales professionals to create various effective online customer engagement strategies which will further reduce the bounce rates, and enhance the time that visitors actually spend on a site. So, it could be something quite amazing for you!

Also, when it comes to Optimizely, you can be sure about one major fact and that is it can even make the A/B or split testing easier. This is not the end! When it comes to multivariate testing then you can even achieve the best kind of marketing and advertising campaigns.

  1. Convertable

Convertable is certainly one of the main web-based free lead tracking tools which come with real-time analytics, contact forms, and even lead management functions. It is actually an amazing inbound marketing intelligence software.

This tool features an enhanced and as well as easy-to-use contact form creator which can gather useful customer information to a great extent when compared to other typical contact forms.

Further, Convertable is very efficient in analyzing data on a real-time basis, banner advertising, social media, organic marketing campaigns and so on.

  1. BIME

BIME is actually a data visualization and business intelligence software tool which has been developed by Zendesk. This tool has been advertised as a tool which allows the marketers to become a data analyst because while enabling the easy creation of data-sets, custom metrics, dashboards, and reports.

This tool can even work with Salesforce for benefiting the sales and support teams. For example, this tool can work with RedShift and BigQuery to efficiently complete warehouse data querying, analysis, and visualization.

Additionally, BIME can be even integrated with other software tools to handle special kind of data. And, when it comes to such people who are involved in marketing then the fact that BIME is being compatible with Google Analytics, and AdWords could be an amazing perk.

Wrapping Up

While there are tons of more digital marketing tools in the market, I opted to discuss the aforementioned ones because I personally feel that they are worth enough. So, if you haven’t given a try to these extremely smart Business Intelligence tools in your business then just make a move soon.

However, the fact that you can’t completely rely on such tools is also true. Yes! Machines can’t do everything!

To attain a great success, sometimes a simple conversation with a teammate, a physical handshake, or a human contact with clients is much needed.

About Author:

Neil Helson is the marketing manager at Blurbpoint Media, SEO, and digital marketing company. He is passionate about helping small businesses and startups grow online.

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