How To Cope With Temper For A Happy Life?

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How To Cope With Temper For A Happy Life?


Temper can have a huge impact on our personal as well as professional life lives. A lot of people are generally hot-tempered and they become angry for silly matters. Most of the people find it difficult to control themselves when they face some difficult situations in their life. Your bad tempers can make your loved ones hurt and even bring an end to your relationships. You may become quick tempered when others hurt you, scold you, hurt you self-respect, when your expectations are not fulfilled or when you fail in an exam or competition.

Temper can become a huge issue if you couldn’t control it effectively. Anger ignites our thoughts and actions. Anger can consume our love, prudence, and emotional as well as physical health. It can affect your happy life and guide others to ignore you. When you control your temper, you may get better the quality of your life and your interpersonal relationships. Following are some of the tips that may help you to understand how to cope with temper for a happy life:

Admit Temper

The individuals who simply have bad tempers will not admit that they are short tempered. Bad-tempered individuals used to blow up, lash out and scream, but they won’t admit that they are suffering from temper. It can ruin their relationships and personal life. Hence, they become bad to worse. The treatment for temper starts with the time you accept or admit that you are ill-tempered. When others mention that you are ill-tempered, think about it and understand your flaws. It will guide you to manage temper sooner or later.


We, at some point in our life, experience bouts of anger and frustration. Yoga is a perfect medicine for handling your temper successfully. If you are getting angry more often, yoga can help you to manage the mood while you are at work or at home, office, with friends and so on. People who are short-tempered should try yoga since it helps them to control themselves and their emotions efficiently. Yoga can aid you to control your thoughts, actions, imaginations, emotions, mind, and behavior. Most of the yoga practices direct you to admit the anger that you experience, work through it and calm down.

Learn Yoga

Be Patient

Bad tempered people are not generally patient and they will respond to any situation suddenly. Being patient in different situations that provoke you can aid you to control your temper effective before you lose it. You can become patient in a situation if you take it as usual or casually. When you are patient, you will not respond to the unfavorable situation at once and you will find your own time to react to it. You will think before you take an action if you are patient.


Breathing is an excellent remedy for temper management. When you are faced with an adverse situation, take deep breaths because it guides you to unwind your angry. Breathing can slow your heart rate. Deep breaths will calm you down successfully and assist you to think more plainly and take action wisely. Repeat breathing until you feel cool enough to react to the situation.


Exercise can clam down your temper. Anger comes in a number of forms, including outrage, frustration, envy, dislike, hatred, stress, criticism, and even boredom. Exercise helps you to cool down your stress level, frustrations, boredom, etc. It will help you to relax. Running, walking, swimming, yoga and meditation can some of the perfect exercise tools that allow you to control your temper.

Wait and Give Yourself Ample Time

Waiting, step away from the situation or giving yourself ample time to react to a situation helps you to manage your temper. Don’t throw yourself to a situation right away because it will increase your anger. When you give yourself sufficient time to react, you will make better choices and more importantly, you will cool down. So remove yourself intentionally from the heat and wait, get out of the situation, relax before you act.

Don’t Ignore Anger Management Program

Don’t ignore the importance of temper management program if you can’t practically control your temper. Remember that anger management programs have been confirmed to be highly successful to control your anger, fury and manage your overall behavior. During the program, you will get classes and guidance from the experts in the field. It will help you to know clearly about anger and develop effective strategies to see to anger.

Seek Treatment

One of the most effective means to manage your temper is to seek proper treatment. Treatment for temper will aid you to find out and treat the real source of your anger issues. Professionals in the field will offer you relaxation methods to bring into play when you feel temper.


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