How to Write an Effective Subject Line

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Writing an Effective Subject Line


Email marketing can be very effective if your email actually gets read. Unfortunately, because of spam, many people will delete most of their email without ever reading it.  This is where the subject line comes in.

Writing an effective and attention-getting subject line will dramatically increase the chances of your email being opened and read and acted upon.   You want to make your subject line as short and descriptive as possible while giving the person a reason to want to open and read the actual email.

Here is a great website that gives you a free look at the value of your Subject Line: Headline Analyzer

Below are some more tips on how you can write such a subject line:

1.  Keep your subject line short.  You want to try to keep it around or below 50 characters. 

2.  When possible, personalize your email.  For example:   Mary, do you need to increase your sales?  This can increase the chance of the email being opened and read.

3.  Make an announcement similar to a headline:   New Company to Reveal Innovative Sales Strategy

4. Make the reader curious with your subject line:  New Innovative Sales Strategy Revealed……..

5.  Just as when writing an ad, you need to stress the benefits the person will get from your email:  Learn exciting new sales strategy!

6. Write a few test subject lines and read them from a customer’s point of view.  Would that subject line get you to open the email?  Take note of what emails you open and why.  What did the subject line say that got your attention? 

7.  Don’t hype up your subject line with unbelievable offers.  Be straightforward and let the reader know what the email is about:  Immediate $10 Discount

8.  Use the word “you”.  This will make the reader feel it is for them personally:  You Get a Free $10 Coupon

9.  Make the subject line a teaser so the reader will want to know more:  Here’s how you can save $25.00…….

10.  As always, use correct grammar and spelling.  Would you open this email:
i can save you muney……

11.  Use new and fresh subject lines with every email.  Do not use a standard subject line such as:  Save Money with ABC Inc.  People will get tired of the same old subject line and your openings will severely decline.

12. Use power words and action words such as reveal, secret, innovative, improve, save, success, etc. but without sounding like spam:  Improve Your Spending Habits

13.  Asking the reader a question is an effective way to pull a response: Do you need to cut your bills?

14.  Instead of just naming one person you can name your entire target audience:  Moms! Learn how to help your child sleep better.

15.  “How to” ebooks and manuals sell very well so why not a “How to” subject line:  How to Increase Your Sales

You can also mix these various tips to form an even more compelling subject line.  The subject line is an extremely important part of your marketing campaign so do not take it lightly.  Learn all you can about how to write a more effective subject and be sure to test them.  Make the recipient want to open your email, not delete it!

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