Quick Tips On Building An Amazing Video SEO

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 Eight Quick Tips On Building A Successful Video SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is an important method of marketing that all businesses in the modern day should be utilizing. In order to reap the rewards that the Internet has to offer, visibility is essential and so SEO is a must.

There are lots of different ways in a business can choose to implement this strategy. Incorporating video is something that has become particularly popular. So, keeping that in mind, how can you build a great video SEO strategy?

1. Hosting your video content
The first thing you need to do is decide where your videos are going to be posted. For a good strategy, it is recommended that you utilize several different places. Hosting videos on your own website is good for bringing customers from search referrals. However hosting on third parties, such as YouTube, works well for the actual volume of video views.

2. Great content
This may sound obvious, but when SEO is at the forefront of one’s mind, they can quite easily overlook the importance of making sure the content is engaging and interesting. This rule applies to all search engine optimized content; from articles to of course videos.

3. Pay attention to your video title
Make sure your video’s title includes keywords or a key phrase so that it is suited to search engine optimization. Nevertheless, make sure that it appears natural and is short and engaging.

4. Help search engines find you
How is your video going to rank high on Google for example if they cannot find you? A lot of people make the common mistake of assuming that all search engines are like treasure hunters. However, you actually need to make your video easy to find. The best way to do this is by having a video sitemap.

5. Don’t forget about thumbnails
You need to pay particular attention to the frames of your video that are turned into thumbnails. After all, a thumbnail is highly important because it has a direct influence on how many people view your video. If the thumbnail looks intriguing, then the chances are that the viewer will press play. Therefore, check the hosting site and the thumbnail that they have utilized. Each place is different, for example, YouTube uses a random frame from the center of the video in question.

6. Optimize your URLs
You need to have a URL per each video that you produce. Don’t have one URL that leads to a page containing several videos. Moreover, you need to make sure that your URL has been customized in order to include keywords. After all, ‘www.website.com/cooking-chinese-chicken-curry’ is far better than ‘www.website.com/video635263’.

7. Duration
People like videos because they are a great way to providing quick, snappy and easy to understand information. Therefore, the last thing you want to do is create a long video. Most people will advise you to not go over the five-minute mark, but if you can then it’s recommended to try and stay under three minutes.

8. Encourage ratings
This is important for search engine optimization because search engines are much more likely to pick up videos and websites which have generated a lot of response than they would otherwise.

If you follow these eight tips then you will have the basis for a successful video marketing strategy. Remember; it is all about creating great content and using the necessary means to ensure that it is viewed.

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