Two Basic Tips Social Media Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore When Marketing on Instagram

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Marketing on Instagram

One of the most important aspects of marketing is visuals. Used right, they not only attract customers, but they also drive them to engage. It is for this reason that Instagram continues to be among the most effective platforms for successful marketing on the internet.

As an internet marketer, you cannot afford to underrate the value of the media-sharing social media site, especially when posting interesting and compelling photos and videos can drive traffic to your ecommerce site and generate sales.

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Numerous social media marketers have opened Instagram accounts only to later close them because they did not see the expected results for one reason or another. If you fall under this category or you are just new to the platform, there’s a lot you need to learn about maximizing on the full potential of the site to significantly increase your brand’s revenue.
The good news is that learning the ropes is not as difficult as many beginners may imagine. Below are two important basics to get your brand started on a path to success on Instagram.

Build an Audience and Vibrant Community

This is where a lot of social media marketers go wrong by mistakenly believing that building a vast audience is solely about gaining followers. To get the desired results, focus your efforts on building a community rather than simply expanding the size of your following. This way, you gain real followers who act as ambassadors for your brand.

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and followers who typically like and comment on your content and even tag your brand in their posts, generating a buzz that will make your audience grow naturally.

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Building such a community need not be difficult. Tap into your already existing community of subscribers to your email list and inform them about your presence on Instagram. Provide a link they can click to head over to your Instagram profile to check out your content and follow you. Link your Instagram to other social media sites and post a link to your profile.

Remember to engage your community as you move it over to Instagram by including calls-to-action in the captions of your photos and videos. For example, use captions to encourage those viewing posts to tag their friends, answer questions and participate in discussions. Don’t be shy about giving different ideas a try.

Wield the Power of Hashtags Like an ExpertInstagram hashtag

As you continue to grow the size of your community, tap into the potential of cleverly used hashtags. In addition to using popular hashtags to increase exposure, come up with custom hashtags for your brand and encourage your community to use them. Including these custom hashtags in your bio can help fans know which hashtags to use for posts related to your brand.

Take time to understand hashtags before using them to ensure that you reach your target audience. Avoid spamming hashtags that are not related to your post and caption as you may risk putting off many Instagram users.

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