10 Creative Ways to Sell and Market Resale Rights Products Offline


Are you having a tough time selling that ebook or resale rights product online? Is the online market for your info product over scheduled? Maybe your ebook is too niche focused and does not draw much traffic from online keyword searches.

Let's not get discouraged. It's time to do something about those lackluster ebook sales.

It's time to think outside the box with ten of the best methods for selling any ebook, software or resale rights product offline.

1. Copy the Resale Rights product onto a CD. Use the included ebook or website graphics to print CD stickers or CD labels. Now it will be easier for you to market your ebooks offline. This works especially well with Niche resell products. Example: recipe ebooks, special interests, finance software, and etc.

2. Write ads for your ebooks and software and place them in offline classifieds such as pennysavers, townshoppers or thriftynickles papers. Any of the classified ads newspapers will do. Do not spend too much. Start small and test your ads. Take notice of other ads that sell information products.

3. With your resale rights product copied onto CDs, starting selling them to friends and relatives. This works great if you are selling digital products targeted to specific niches such as losing weight ebooks or how to make crafts ebooks.

4. Sell your resale rights ebook or software at cooking parties. Do you sell cookware or throw cookware parties? You could sell a recipe ebook or offer it as a bonus gift at your next sales party. You can try this technique with Mary Kay and Avon or most any party sales type program.

6. Allow small business owners to resell ebooks on a consignment basis (meaning you split the revenue once the sale is made). Make arrangements with local business owners to offer the ebook on CD at their retail stores with no up front cost to them. Try to match the theme of the ebooks or software with the theme of the retail store. Just place a small display on the front counter and watch the sales pour in.

7. Provide fundraising opportunities to schools, non profits, churches, and youth groups. Just copy your ebooks onto CD as stated in idea # 1. Call on some non profit groups and tell them that you provide fund raising opportunities at no up front cost. Explain that they can resell ebooks and software and get a large percentage of every sale.

8. Market your digital products as giveaway incentives for local businesses. Ebooks and software can be used as customer incentives by local businesses. For example: Get free software to help you mange your finances when you stop in to open a new checking account.

9. Sell those resale rights products and ebooks door to door. Why not? It works for Mary Kay does not it?

10. Put up a sales display at a flea market … Offer them for $ 5 a CD. OK, so I saved the best idea for last. 😉

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Source by Cecil Anderson

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