7 Tips On Avoiding The Mess


If you would like to avoid all the disgraceful pitfalls of the 97% of network marketing reps who fail to break even or sponsor a rep to save their lives, then this could be one of the most crucial lessons you’ll ever learn…

Warding off the 7 pitfalls requires you to:

(1) Build iron-clad credibility for yourself
(2) Produce a marketing system for your marketing business on the net
(3) Render targeted leads and prospects
(4) Monetize your leads and generate cash flow for your business
(5) Establish a solid relationship with your leads
(6) Deliver the right offer once they’ve warmed up to you and you’ve established the rapport
(7) Duplicate this entire system flawlessly and help others along the way

Here’s how you are able to achieve the tips above – you must center on building your credibility 1st. There’s a way to achieve this even if you’re brand spanking new in marketing… it’s by putting out your very own books.

You see, in internet marketing, individuals always distribute books written by other people. When somebody reads a book, it produces a strong bond between the reader and the author and it even builds split second credibility! As a matter of fact, when you have your own book, rather than distributing books by other writers, your downlines can distribute YOUR book, in effect building YOUR internet marketing business and building YOUR name at the same time (rather than another famous writer… )

The Internet is the complete medium to circulate your book. In digital format, individuals can download your book with no duplication cost (no stocking, no paper involved – just a PDF file!)

100s, even 1000s of individuals can download your book and know who you are! As a matter of fact, the Internet also happens to be the place where you are able to get endless leads for your business! You are able to get an endless source of traffic from the search engines, blogs, forums, Facebook, MySpace and many other popular sites – we’re talking about 1000000s of visitors online. So does it add up to position your business on the net where individuals can find you? Naturally!

“On the other hand, not everybody can compose their own book, right?” Yeah, I understand that not everybody is gifted with the ability to write like a J.K. Rowling or a Stephen King. And ghostwriters are not cheap today. Is there a different way to get your own book? Naturally – it’s called Private Label Rights (PLR)! Once you have the assembled a strong relationship with your clients, they’ll purchase your offers immediately. And best of all, you are able to duplicate this entire system flawlessly and help others achieve success!

Source by Paulo Silva