Birth Date Numbers in Numerical Order – What Does it Mean?


Perhaps, you are into numerology, astrology, and really enjoy the whole thought process behind it all? Some folks take it very seriously, and I even know one gal who will not even date someone until she knows their numbers, birth date, astrology sign, the works – seriously, she’s that into it. Not long ago, someone mentioned their birth day was in numerical order, in other words something like; 9-8-76 or 5-6-78. Interesting isn’t it. Does it matter?

I know what you are thinking; hmm? That is totally interesting indeed. And, I must say even thought, I do not know, I do know people who might know or should I say think that the know? Now then some folks who are into the whole Astrology, New Age, Quantum Physics, Numerology thing believe all this is significant. Everything from the time of day you were born, date, year, etc.

Personally, I am more of the belief that “germ lines” and genetics play a significant role, and birth order of you and your siblings matters, as well as the birth order of your parents and recent past-generations, age of your mother and father at your time of birth, and the nurturing aspects involved with early childhood years, ages 4-6, and those years up to about the age of 17-19 and some as late as 24-26 it seems. Of course, then there is diet, and life’s personal mission, without really considering all the Astrology aspect.

But for those who study astrology and that whole thing they seem to believe they’ve unlocked the secrets using numerology, astrology, and new age thinking within the mathematical confines of quantum mechanics! Without debating what they are saying, as they might not like that and some may believe to have the ability to put a curse on me, I do have some additional scientific inquiries about these pseudo-magical prospects.

Okay so, one could say that some of the cosmic radiation is altered ever so slightly by planetary bodies around us, Earth and Moon cycles, Sun solar cycles, etc. and even times of thicker or thinner Earth atmospheres’. And since the cells in the body vibrate at certain frequencies they are affected by such things in various ways. Now then, with that said, my question would be how much?

Could be so small as to be negligible, meaning, it really doesn’t matter – or there might be more too it? Indeed, I am pretty sure this is not really known, and do not buy into the astrology – numerology stuff, even though I’ve been told I have strong numbers, good sign, and born in the right year – coincidence? Some say, not so fast, it’s real, but is it? Ah, the questions, the speculation, the intrigue, and the Sci Fi aspect of it all, very cool indeed, no matter what you believe about this topic.

Okay so, I’d like to talk about the calendar and numerology a bit and throw some logic on this magical fire if I might. You see, whose calendar are you using? Mayan, Chinese, Jewish, Julian Calendar, or some real mathematical calendar based on Earth’s real progression through the solar system, Galaxy, Universe, or the calendar of the system itself from a complex mathematical modeling.

The reason I ask is because – since most calendars are made up at a time of lesser human knowledge, and in this dimension, it’s hard to say if it really matters at all? Logically speaking, and not to burst your bubble, because you have to admit, that is pretty cool that someone has such a cool birthday. And I bet you wish it was you? Please consider this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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