Buying Articles from Someone Else? Why You Still Need to Write Your Own


There is a time and a place for just about anything. That includes articles you do not write yourself.

With high quality Private Label Rights (PLR) articles, affordable ghostwriters, and even software that can write articles for you, why bother writing your own articles and web content? The articles you buy have the exact words and content you need and, after all, you do own the rights.

But there is one very important thing these articles can not do. They can not BE you. PLR articles, although they may be well written, are not going to tell your reader anything about who you are. Even a ghostwriter, unless you have a very good ghostwriter and you've given him or her good notes to work from, can not sound like you. Computer generated articles are occasionally written in proper English, but they can not show your personality.

One of the most important things your articles can do for you is help your audience get to know you. As your reader, I want to see your personality, hear your opinions, understand what you think. Even if I disagree sometimes, I really do want to know who you are.

Someone once told me that writing is the closest thing there is to true telepathy. You, the writer, have an idea you want to share. You put your thoughts into writing. When others read your article, they'll read the exact words you were thinking. Even if it's not telepathy, your writing still has amazing potential to build a connection between you and your reader.

Some of the most successful writers, on the web and off, write just the way they talk. Readers love to hear the author's unique voice come through their written words. It makes the article interesting and it helps the reader make a connection with the writer.

And that leads me to why it's so important to show who you are through your articles. On the Internet, where trust is always a concern, your writing helps us get to know you and learn that we can trust you.

There may be a place for PLR and ghostwritten articles in your business, but do not rely on them alone. Take some time to share yourself with your audience through your own articles too. The rewards are long lasting and well worth your while.

Source by Denise Willms

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