Clone Your Blog Posts – 3 Steps to Turning Your Posts Into Plr Products


Can you really clone your blog posts, and sell them as PLR products? Yes, because there are people looking for content they can use, put their name on and give away to attract subscribers. This is a great way to create income from your work, and get paid many times over.

Before we get started let me give you a quick definition. PLR (Private Label Rights) for this example is taking your content and giving the purchaser the right to edit it and claim authororship. Then they can turn around and sell it, use it as a give away for list building, add it to a membership site, as content on on another site. They are only limited by their imagination.

Below are three steps you can follow to get your first package together, and start earning some money from your efforts …

Step one: Find posts on a similar topic – Typically the easiest and quickest to use are two types of posts: series posts, and tips posts. These are usually ready made for this, and take very little editing or modification to put together.

Step two: Bundle them together – Take the posts and rearrange them into an order that make sense and flows. At this point you might want to edit the posts, if you feel this need to be done. Also, If you did not do so before write an introduction and conclusion. Add these to the package and you have your 1st PLR package.

Step three: Put them up for sale – Many niches have forums dedicated to their topic, and some of these forums will have a classified or marketplace. And there are Webmasters looking for content to use as reports, mini-guides, Ezines and similar products. Offer up your new PLR package for sale, and make a nice little side income from your efforts.

Source by Keith Goodrum

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