Create Explosive Viral Marketing Campaigns With eBooks


Viral marketing is a self-replicating marketing system
that is capable of producing unending results over a
protracted period of time. The great thing about viral
marketing systems is how very convenient, relatively
cheap and effective they are.

Now, let's consider the use of eBooks as a viral
marketing system. I especially love them because of
the flexibility they offer. They give you a chance to
rake in lots of back-end money, last longer and you
can produce and activate their viral nature in

First, create an eBook. A very good one containing
quality Information – that's the one catch to the
success. The information has to be top notch. It
should be of high value.

If you have a problem coming up with valuable stuff,
hire someone to do it for you. You can easily find
people to do that at places like, etc

Another quick and easy way is to use private label
content (Plr) where you are given permission to
rebrand an ebook entirely to the roots with your own

Second, insert links to your website and to backend
products in your eBook. If you do not have any, go to
ClickBank and pick up a couple of products relevant to
the theme of your eBook and insert links to those
affiliate products in the eBook.

Third, before you turn on the viral capacity of that
eBook of yours, remember to double-check for obvious
spelling and grammatical errors.

Lastly, as the owner of the eBook, you have the rights
to give out certain rights to it. Be sure to make
people know they can distribute your eBook over the
Internet. You could even decide to give out permission
for others to sell the eBook for a profit as long as
they keep it intact.

Now, you are ready. Distribute the eBook at ebook
directories, give it out at forums, even buy ezine ads
and give it away for free.

Then sit back, relax and watch – before you know it,
the eBook is spreading across the Internet like wild
fire and the results are pouring in your way.

(c) Oluwafisayo Akinlolu, 2006.

Source by Oluwafisayo Akinlolu

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