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Any internet marketer will tell you that the best way to make money on the internet is by having your own product. Some marketers spend months and in some cases years creating a simple product to sell online. You can of course always pay someone to create a product for you and give them hundreds of dollars for doing it.

There is however a much easier and cheaper method you can get your own product and that is by learning to create PLR ​​products.

Creating a PLR product is very easy to do even for a complete newcomer to internet marketing. All you need to do is read and then follow these simple steps.

1 Find a PLR product: You can get many PLR products from giveaway events for free that take place on a regular basis on the internet. Just try typing in "jv giveaway" into Google. You can also purchase good PLR products for just a few dollars, again just type "plr products" into Google. I would recommend staying away from software products as these can become a nightmare.

2 Once you have the product you need to check you have the PLR ​​license as this means you can change the product anyway you want to and even add your name to it.

3 Amend the PDF report by taking out any of the rubbish or filler text. Make sure you work into any affiliate links you may have yourself. This could get you even more sales as well as selling the product. Rename the product and put your name in the report as the creator of the product. You can legally do this as you have the PLR ​​to the product.

4 Change the sales page to better quality by adding a eye catching headline. Make sure your name is on the sales page and most importantly make sure you set up your own payment button at the end of the sales page.

Although these are very general steps to follow there are a lot of marketers making a significant income from following these same procedures. I would recommend doing some research into how to write effective copy. Learning to write copy will be a valuable weapon in your marketing armoury.

Source by Garry Booton

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