Dime Sales and Private Label Rights – Recipe For Success?


Just in case you do not know, a dime sale is sale in which you offer a product or service (private label rights, master resale rights, or original) at a special price normally for a predetermined amount of time. In some cases the price can be set to rise at a predetermined time interval. Alternately you can set the price to rise after each successful sale. Really there are several different scenarios you can use in a dime sale. In recent times, dime sales have been most successfully used with private label rights products.

Dime sales have been around for a long time. A great example of a dime sale you might have seen recently is at your grocery store. How many times have you gone to the grocery store and seen the offers of 10 for 10. You know where you can buy 10 cans of soup, cereal, cake mix or whatever for $ 10. These are in essence dime sales because of the limit on them. They are usually only available for a certain time period after which the products return to their normal prices.

Online, dime sales are extremely popular for list building. They normally offer awards of 100% to those who choose to promote them. This is a huge way to really add the viral aspect to the dime sale. The most popular types of products sold through dime sales are master resale and private label rights products. These can typically produce the quickest turn around for the owner.

Occidentally, a list owner may use a dime sale to launch a new product. This gives the list owner's subscribers the chance to get a brand new product at an exceptional price. It also allows the product owner to get some great testimonials for their new ebook, report, or software.

There are tons of different ways to use dime sales online. It does take a little creativity and work, but after you have held your own dime sales a few times you will see that this is a great way to build a list of proven buyers. This can only help you build your business faster and help you to generate the online income you want. I suggest you use some of the private label rights products you have sitting around on your hard-drive to hold your next dime sale. It is a great way to really capitalize on products that would just sit around gathering cyber-dust.

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