Do You Understand What Private Label Rights Are?


Private label rights is a concept that allows the sale or transfer of intellectual property while maintaining the ability to have some control over what the buyer of the private label rights does with a private label rights product. Private label rights products addressed in this article includes digital audios, videos and software and so forth.

A product with private label rights (PLR) will have a license granting you the right to do something with the product. If the license allows it, you may be able to claim you are the author and that you own the copyright. I have seen some commentary that says if you purchase a PLR product, you can claim you are the author. This is not always the case. A PLR license can and often does state you may not claim you are the author. Let's look at a couple of examples of a PLR license.

A PLR may grant you the right to claim you are the author and own the copyright of a particular product. You may also be allowed to edit the sales page, the graphics and the product itself. You may also be allowed to distribute the product as you please including giving the product away. A PLR that does not have any restrictions is sometimes referred to as a full PLR license.

On the other hand, a PLR license often restricts the claim of authorship and the distribution of the product itself. It is not that uncommon for a PLR license to preclude adding a product to free membership website or giving the product away. Limiting the distribution of a PLR product in this manner will protect the value of your investment. If everyone could give a PLR product away, the market would have been installed and any retail value would be lost.

To take full advantage of PLR products, you should know what rights you have prior to purchasing a PLR product. If you do not know know what rights you have prior to making your purchase, you may not be able to use the PLR ​​audios, eBooks, videos or software as you intended.

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