Email Marketing Tips – 10 Foolproof Ways To Attract New Subscribers


Email Marketing is full of challenges, but maybe the most difficult part is finding new original ways to attract new subscribers to your list. Creating the right “Hook” to convince that visitor to give up their email address can have a huge impact on your squeeze page conversions. It’s not always enough to have a great eBook or “Special Report” to convince that potential subscriber to sign up to your autoresponder. Sometimes they need an extra psychological push to get then “off the fence” to get them to enter their email so you can start marketing your products to them.

Below I have 10 Email Marketing techniques that can be incorporated into your squeeze page in order to get more subscribers. These “Hooks” can be very effective, depending on how they are used. Think about what kind of traffic you are sending to your sign-up page before selecting what “Angle” you will use. For example, if your setting up a squeeze page after a sale, you may want to use #3 to offer specific training relevant to your product. Or, you could do a redirect after a sales page to a squeeze page that offers a coupon or great deal to your product like #4.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination to expand upon these ideas. The “10 Ways To Attract New Subscribers” below are meant to get your “Creative Juices” flowing in case you’ve run out of ideas or want to try something different in your online email marketing efforts.

1 – The “Waiting List” Technique

Tell your potential subscriber that you are only allowing a limited number of subscribers. This will create a sense of urgency to opt-in right away. You could tell them that once you hit so many subscribers, they will have to go on a waiting list.

2 – The “Try A Piece” Technique

Give your potential subscribers a sample of your content to entice them to subscribe. Of course, you will want to make sure you use some of your best content.

3 – The “Here’s Your Lesson” Technique

Tell your squeeze page visitor they will receive exclusive training not available anywhere else. This could be an auto-responder series with your training or links to your blog or training videos.

4 – The “Great Deal” Technique

This “Hook” works best after a visit to your salespage. Use a redirect to a squeeze page that offers a eCoupon or Discount to the same product they just saw. This gives you a great opportunity to keep marketing to that visitor even if they don’t purchase the first time.

5 – The “PLR/MRR” Technique

Offer your potential subscriber PLR or MRR to the product in order to persuade them to sign up.

6 – The “Prize Fest” Technique

Tell your squeeze-page visitor what prizes they could win by subscribing to your list. You could randomly select a subscriber each week or month to get one of your products for free.

7 – The “100% Original” Technique

Promise that all your content is 100% Original. People get tired of subscribing to list that just re-publish article found elsewhere on the web. It takes more work, but it will give your subscribers better value and keep them on your list longer.

8 – The “Collect Them All” Technique

Offer a Free Bonus in every email. This will increase Open Rates and improve loyalty because they will want to see what’s in your next email.

9 – The “Swap Me” Technique

Tell your potential subscribers that you will rotate their ads in your emails. This way they receive free advertising as an added benefit for being your subscriber.

10 – The “So Many Minutes” Technique

Create urgency by having a countdown timer on your squeeze page. Tell them they only have a certain amount of time left to subscribe before the Bonus is gone. This will help convert those indecisive visitors who have trouble deciding.

Use these Email Marketing Techniques on your squeeze page and you will see an increase in your opt-in rates. Don’t forget to track different offers to see which ones work the best. Once you find a winner, you can ramp up your traffic to that page. Take a look at the rest of my Email Marketing Tips.

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