How to Rework a PLR Product – 3 Things You Can Do


I am sure you aware of the tremendous popularity of PLR products these days. They are everywhere. And for good reason. These products can make you a ton of cash with little effort. To make the most from PLR products it is a good idea to rework them.

By rework I mean to edit them. Add some of you own thoughts and ideas to the product. This way you will have a truly unique product to promote. You do not have to go all out and make major changes to your PLR products.

Here are 3 things you can do to make your PLR product completely original.

Create a new eBook cover – If you know a little bit about photoshop you can go in and create a brand new eBook cover for your PLR product. This will give it a whole new look and fall. It will make it look different from those who choose not to change the graphics.

Add affiliate products – Go through the product and look for places where you can recommend products to your readers. This will not only add value to the product but it will also create an additional stream of income. Do not put a ton of affiliate products in the book. That will turn the reader off. Only add them in if you really see a place where suggesting a product would make things easier for the reader.

Add your own section – many times I read a PLR product and I feel like something is missing. I see that as an opportunity for me to add my own experience or knowledge to the product. The goal is to make this product truly your own. So if you read the product and you feel that there is something missing, add it. Put a few paragraphs in your own words and that will give the book a completely new touch.

Source by H. Miller

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