Is PLR Empire Profits Powerful Enough to Change Your Life Forever?


You can own and run your own affiliate marketing business. You can run it from home. You can run it from your favorite vacation spot. You can run it from anywhere. Very soon, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you stopped thinking about it and finally took action. Yes, you can build a profitable affiliate marketing business.

Which would you rather do? Take action and build your own profitable business? Or, keep on struggling…keep on wishing…keep on hoping…keep on wondering exactly how you’re going to create that online income that you truly want and need to reach your dreams.

PLR Empire Profits could be your one and only chance to build a real online income, and get real help from someone who has already successfully built their online business.

With PLR Empire Profits, you get the guidance, the direction, and the hand-holding necessary to break through and achieve your affiliate marketing financial goals. Now anyone (including you) can achieve affiliate marketing success with proper guidance, direction, proven methods and support that PLR Empire Profits offers. Liz Tomey will walk you through all of her successful affiliate marketing tactics, step-by-step, with tons of interaction, presentations, and real coaching!

Why does PLR Empire Profits give you such a great chance at success? Because of all you get. It is an incredible mentoring program at an incredible value. The workshops by Liz Tomey teach you how to build and run your own internet business top to bottom. It’s all right here.

Check out the workshops:

Workshop 1 — Affiliate Marketing The Right Way Workshop

You’ll have to forget everything you’ve been taught about affiliate marketing! Most of it hasn’t worked anyway! This workshop will wipe your brain of all the misinformation you’ve been given about affiliate marketing, and will help reprogram your brain to actually be successful! Liz will start at the beginning so that you get off on the right foot, and then she’ll let you in on the real “insider secrets” to making money with affiliate marketing.

Workshop 2 — Affilate Squeeze Page Workshop

You’ll learn how to setup your own squeeze page that will allow you to build your own email list. You’ll learn how to totally setup your squeeze page, and how to take PLR products and turn them into killer products to entice people to give up their name and email address. Then, you’ll learn how to take emails to load up your autoresponder, so that you can sell to your new subscribers on autopilot! You’ll learn everything from A to Z, including the techie stuff! One of Liz’s great qualities as a teacher is that she’s not only a successful marketer, but she’s a techie geek, too. So, she can show you how to do everything. She has a real gift for making things simple. By the time you finish this workshop, you’ll have your own squeeze page that will work for you 24/7 on complete autopilot! This is an amazing set-it-and-forget-it tactic!

Workshop 3 — Review Blog Cash Workshop

You’ll learn how to setup your very own blog, put video reviews on it, and collect big time commission checks. Review blogs are awesome cash cows! However, most people don’t know how to set them up and use them right, so they do a lot of work, but never see any money. Liz did this workshop to show how to avoid this problem. She’ll show you exactly how to do EVERYTHING!! Again, she includes the techie setup stuff, and she’ll show you how to use your blog to get tons of traffic! Not only will you be able to get your blog up and running with all your videos on it, but you’ll also know exactly what to do to get traffic to it. This tactic alone can put you profitably in the affiliate marketing business even if you did nothing else!

Workshop 4 — Buying Frenzy Bootcamp Workshop

With this workshop, you’re going to learn an amazing tactic that Liz has used over and over again to send people into a complete buying frenzy. You’ll learn how to take PLR products and turn them into bonus products that make your customers jump to buy anything through your affiliate link. You’ll start by taking PLR products and turning them into bonuses for any product you want to promote as an affiliate. Once that is setup, you’ll learn how to create the perfect emails for the product and send them to your list. These emails will send them into a total buying frenzy! This workshop is unique and NEVER been taught anywhere else. This is one of the biggest kept secrets in the affiliate marketing industry!

Workshop 5 — Affiliate Backend Profits Workshop

Want to really take your affiliate marketing to the next level? Then you’ve got to have products of your own to sell to your buyers! In this workshop, Liz will show you how to contact people who buy through your affiliate link, and sell them your own products for 100% of the profits. You’ll start by taking PLR products and setting them up so they’re ready to sell. Then you’ll contact those who have bought through your affiliate links (or subscribed to your list) and sell these workshops to them. The cool thing here is you’re using PLR products that are already created, so you don’t have to create them from scratch. Plus, you’re contacting people who have already bought things from you, so these are PROVEN buyers! There is literally no better strategy out there for this kind of profit, and you’ll learn everything you need to do to accomplish it!

As you can see, this isn’t your run of the mill eBook that just “tells” you how to do something…This is real coaching from an affiliate marketer who has successfully used the right affiliate marketing tactics to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in the affiliate marketing game. Not only that, but with the lifetime membership to you can also meet with Liz Tomey live each week, and get personal help from her. PLR Empire Profits is a complete package.

You won’t find value like this anywhere else on the internet. Interested? Check out PLR Empire Profits!

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