Last Month I Earned $ 100,000 Selling PLR – How About You?


Last Month I Earned $ 100,000 – but this time last year I worked 48 hours per week for a measily $ 300. I will never forget them days and I feel so lucky to be sat here writing this article for you. No matter what position you are in today, there is hope for everyone who has the desire to succeed and take action.

I'm not here to ask for your sympathy, and I'm certainly not here to babble on about how hard I have had it in the past. Although, if you are in a position where you feel trapped in a job you hate, your under paid and feel you deserve more then I can relate to that, as this is the exact position I used to be in around 1 year ago.

When I first started out online, I had very little money to play with. In fact, I spend every penny I had on learning how to make money online but I used to feel like the only person that will make any money is the person that's selling me the information. Most of the time, this is true, that is why I'm here to try and keep you focused on the success I have found – as I am certain that you can follow in my footsteps.

To make money on the internet, you need a product or service to sell which is your own, or a product or service that someone else owns. Why would you want to sell someone elses products and fill their pockets with cash when you can concentrate on lining your own pockets with cash.

Affiliate marketing is a good place to start but its not the best way. In my personal opinion, selling PLR is the way forward. PLR stands for Private Label Rights and comes in the form of an ebook, a piece of software or a video course that you can sell as your own, from your own website. Many of the times you can just upload the PLR โ€‹โ€‹website files onto a related domain and then promote it using free marketing.

The largest reason why I choose PLR โ€‹โ€‹to make money is because I set the price, I keep 100% of the profits and can have the payments sent directly into my PayPal account or any other payment method I choose. I'm not limited to the payment methods used by affiliate programs as this is a product I sell as my own.

I have never been able to make $ 100,000 in one month from affiliate marketing as I miss out on up to 50% of the sale price, but when I sell PLR, I have no problem generating $ 100,000 + each and every month. Even if you only do 1% of that, it would change your life forever. Seriously, you need to learn more about selling PLR products.

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