Make Over $ 100,000 Per Month Promoting PLR Products


If you learn the art of PLR then you can earn over $ 100,000 each and every month which is paid directly into your PayPal account after each purchase. Just imagine if you only achieve a small percentage of that. You can certainly quit your day job if your earning even $ 5000 per month.

I know these figures seem a little extreme, but me and many other marketers are achieving this due to the knowledge we own as experienced online marketers. If you know what people want and you can offer what these people want, then you will make the sale. Affiliate marketing is the same but with PLR products you get the money into your own PayPal account and you set the price tag on each product.

First you need to find a hungry market, something that people are desperate to gain knowledge off such as the weight loss niche, stopping smoking or anything that is smoking hot. If you target a smaller market then obviously the money made will be much smaller so its always better to hit big markets.

The problems you face are first, you need to find the best PLR (private label rights) products that have smoking hot sales copy as well as eye catching designs or you will never convert a visitor into a sale. The second problem is the lack of targeted traffic to your sales page. If you get these two sections wrong then you will only make small change if your lucky, but if you get these two right then your bank balance will reflect your success.

A good PLR product would provide you with the following:

– A professionally designed website with payment buttons as well as relevant images that are not stolen from Google images or any other site without permission.
– A sales copy to die for, something that makes the reader foam at the mouth and literally makes them launch their credit card at the computer screen in disbelief.
– Promotional materials such as banners or buttons that can be used on the partner network such as Google AdWords or to use with media buys.
– A full auto responder series that will hook the subscriber and convert them into a sale within 7 days.
– Several squeeze pages that can be used to build your list that will be sent the auto responder series.
– Newly created so you can register a good domain name to reflect the topic.

All the above should be included in any PLR product that you buy to ensure that your promotional efforts are not wasted due to low conversions. It takes more than just a sales page to persuade someone to buy these days so you have to be equipped with the best of the best.

These kind of high converting PLR products are not easy to come by, especially for prices under $ 100 and if you carry on promoting low conversion products, you could end up losing thousands in advertising costs so its always best to do your research. These are available if you look hard enough.

Source by AJ Clark

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