Making Huge Profit With Private Label Rights Products in Just 3 Weeks


Private label rights also known as PLR are the products that come with full rights. Meaning you have the full rights on the product to change the content and even put your name as the creator of it. You even get the rights to forward master resale rights or give it away for free. With such powerful products one can really make a good fortune if good marketing strategies are approached. In this article I will state those marketing strategies to make huge profit with private label rights products in just 3 weeks time.

Finding a Good PLR Product:

This is a very important factor to consider since nobody will be interested in your product if you sell them outdated information. One of the best places to find good PLR products is WarriorForum. Experts from round the world sell some of the latest products with PLR. Another thing to remember when buying these products, is to know that people love the information in the form of video and audio other than ebooks. Do not always look for ebooks. You can also go for PLR videos and Audios.

Once you buy a good PLR product, you should follow below given 3 best marketing strategies.

  • First sell your product only to your subscribers to a rock bottom price, say about $7 or $17. Your subscribers should be your first customers because they are the only ones will help you make more money. Tell them specifically, that you will be increasing this price after a week. This rock bottom price is only for your subscribers. With this, I think you will recover the money you invested.

  • During this week, try to arrange as many JV deals as you can. And after a first week, make those JV deals for next two weeks, giving discounted special price of about $27 or $37 only for your JV partners. This price will also be for a limited time. Once you are done with you time, you may increase your price to your choice.

  • This is a twisted strategy to bring you a good fortune. Since you already recovered your investment and since the product is PLR, you should now give it away for free in number of giveaway events to capture more leads, to capture more subscribers. So that you can again buy your new PLR product and sell them to make huge profit.

With the strategies mentioned above you will be making huge income for each and every PLR product you select in just 3 weeks time. These 3 weeks time strategy is tested by many internet marketers. However, you should apply your own strategy once you master it.

Source by Gagan Shridharani

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