Outsourcing PLR is Your Ticket to the Top


The trick to PLR products is not to save money by doing it all yourself. The only way, the only turn-key way to have PLR ​​make leaps and bounds in your business is to out source all the work.

Outsourcing is not some evil as the media would have you believe. It is a vital business move which allows you more time for making money. That is the key difference: spending money will save you money.

Outsourcing may cost you a bit a money, but try to imagine how much time it saves you. Then ask yourself, how much is your time worth? $ 10 an hour? $ 20? $ 50? Whatever the amount, when you outsource you are then free to look for other profit sources. This can be even more PLR ​​products, joint ventures or even live your life.

In today's competitive market, there are plenty of companies on the internet which can completely remake a PLR product for you. You might think that would cost a lot, but it does not. Most charge around $ 100 to make a new / better website, rewrite the e-book (if you have one) and to redo graphics. How long would that take you?

It would probably take you much more than $ 100 to do it all yourself. When you outsource your PLR work, you get professional designers, programmers, web designers, and copyrivers doing all the work for you and in just a few days time.

For that $ 100 you get, from most companies the following full package:

  • Reworked graphics
  • Squeeze page design
  • Sales page design
  • Sales page copy (from some)
  • E-book rewrite
  • E-book cover re-work
  • free revisions (for some set of time or amount)
  • Thank you page
  • Order buttons
  • Other graphics
  • And much more

Finding companies to do this for you is very simple. You can go to your favorite search engine and search for "Minisite design". As of this writing, there are just about 450,000 results on Google for that exact term. So you can be sure there are plenty of companies that do Mini-site (and ecover) designs.

You have look around and pick one for you. But do not take too long because many of these companies slots fill up fast, very fast. You should be careful who you choose to work with though. Picking a company which charges $ 500 for the same that another company charger $ 100 for does not guarantee that you will get better service.

One of the best measures of a companies success is their list of testimonials. Usually the more they have the better. Some of the best mini-site designer sites have only a simple website design for their site with a bunch of testimonials. Although any company you find that charges between $ 70 and $ 150 for a good min-site package will be a good company.

For at most $ 200, you will save yourself hours or even days of work. During that time you can be searching for another product to promote or rework. It really is a no brainer as to why you should outsource all your PLR work.

Source by Piotr Krzyzek

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