PLR Article Writers Hit an All-Time Low


Just when you thought you heard it all in the online article-marketing category now some rather unscrupulous PLR article writers are turning up the volume on their online article counts. How are they doing this? Well believe it or not they are using computers to do this.

How it works is that the computer takes an article and then replaces many of the words with synonyms and re-arranges the sentences so that no one can call them into issue with plagiarism. Of course if you want to really think about it re-writing other writers articles is borderline plagiarism anyway.

Neverheless the PLR ​​article writers have resorted to cheating using computers. Only problem is these computers are not good enough yet and they are spitting out crap really.

You know this PLR issue really does not surprise me, humans are lazy and want to discover a short cuts. What is that old saying; If you have a tough job, give it to a lazy man and he will find an easier way? All humans are lazy in my observation of the species, yet these PLR ​​writers have certainly put the frosting on that cake.

Well this PLR Strategy is taking human nature to whole new level of questionable integrity? Interesting how these things happen. I am sure we will see much more of this. Humans can still compete against artificial intelligence, but as Ray Kurzweil states, AI will indeed pass human intelligence and out think, create and perform those pesky humans?

Soon, article online writers will be passed by AI Article Writers owned by PLR article marketers and so the as the World Turns the only true constant is once again observed; Change. Consider this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow

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