PLR – Private Label Rights and MRR – Master Resale Rights


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Any way, let’s get back to the subject shall we?

Since I gave you a lot of freebies, with many different rights in it, maybe you’re wondering what they really mean?

There are nearly a dozen terms thrown about as if everyone knows what they mean. Problem is, plenty of people don’t know what they mean – and that includes some of the marketers who are selling rights to their products! So I suggest you to read your rights license; so that you understand how your product can or cannot be used.

You will usually see a license like this:

[YES] Can be given away.

[YES] Can be packaged.

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus.

[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites

[YES] Can be added to free membership sites

[YES] Can be offered through auction sites

[YES] Can sell Resale Rights

[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights

[NO] Can Be Edited Completely and Your Name Put on it.

[NO] Can be used as web, blog, newsletter content

[NO] Can be broken down into smaller articles

[NO] Can be used for eCourse or autoresponder series

[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights

Or you will see PLR, MRR or Resell Rights within the eBook give away or selling adverting. You will have some kind of idea about what these short words means, after you read the example license above. Now let’s go for the details:

PLR – Private Label Rights

If you get private label resell rights (PLR) to a product that means you get the right to sell the product to your customers and the right to modify the product.

But there are two different types in this case too.

First, if you get the original source file (e.g., Word document or txt file) then you can modify the products, as you needed. You can even change 25% to 50% of the contents and create a new product with your name as the author/creator of the product.

Second, check your PLR license very carefully, as not all PLR is created equally:

· Some PLR licenses allow you to create an entirely different product into different form like videos, audios or e-courses, while others not.

· Some PLR licenses allow you to resell the PLR to others, while others not.

· Some PLR licenses have very strict guidelines about how many percentage of your product must be changed before you can put your name on it, while others don’t define it.

So Bottom line: check your license carefully before you do anything with it.

Now for MRR- Master Resale Rights

If you get master resell rights to a product that means you can sell the product, the resell rights or master resell rights to your customers to make money… and your customers can do exactly the same.

For example, you sell a lose weight eBook to a customer who needs it. You can also sell the eBook with resell rights or master resell rights to the eBook to marketers for a higher price.

So the first customer will use the book only. But the second marketers will have the same rights as you do. They can sell the product in the same way as you did.

Like I said before, just check your license very car fully before you do anything.

Source by Michael Clements

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