Private Label Rights – Simple Methods For Rebranding


Rebranding is one of the simplest and most lucrative strategies used to profit from Private Label Products. Six-figure launchers are often the result of a paltry $ 37 plr product. Here are some ways to make your rebranding efforts pay off … Big Time!

1. New Title

Branding is a big issue in corporate businesses. It should be the same for your business as well. Naming your product is absolutely crucial for it's success.

Before you even begin to re-work the plr content, brainstorm a new name for your new product. Try to include words that would indicate benefits or invoke emotion. Words like … riches, wealth, system, secrets, and even cash. These are the types of words that draw potential customers to your product.

2. Re-work Content

The main point of using Private Label Products is that you do not have to create your own content. However, if you attempt to simply rebrand a plr product with just a new title and graphics, you are bound to get either refunds or non-repeat customers. Here are some ways to re-work the content without breaking a sweat.

  • Change the Table of Contents
  • Put your own spin in the introduction
  • Add headers, footers, or even borders to ebboks
  • Shorten the chapters … Take out the fluff
  • If you're selling resell rights, add a registration link
  • Break one large ebook down into 3-4 small reports (very lucrative)

These are just a few ways to re-work your content. Brainstorn a bit and I'm sure you could think of a few more.

3. Graphics

A sure fire way that buyers know a product is just repackaged PLR is the look of the graphics. Most plr products come with psd files. Use Them!

Change the colors, add different pictures, change the font, and ….

Change the item description on the cover. There are a few different products out there for you to do this yourself. Even if you do not have PSP, try using something like GIMP to put a fresh face on your product.

Go Get Started

The more available private label rights products are the more rampant you'll see the packages all over the IM-Sphere. While most will opt for simply reselling plr products, why do not you leap to the front of the line with your OWN product. Use these simple tips for rebranding and watch your profits rise.

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