Private Label Rights – The Good, Bad, and Ugly Sides


Private label rights products are an extremely effective way to start an online store, especially if you do not have the time to create your own products. There are, however, certain things you should never do with PLR products. First of all, you should thoroughly read the rights and license carefully to avoid any confusion.

PLR software should always be rebranded since you will be competitive with thousands of other marketers with the same product. If this sounds disheartening, it should not be. Look at it as a way to display some of your creativity!

Any ebooks you buy with private label rights should contain the source file. If the product does not have the source file, then you are limited to selling the eBook exactly how it is. However, if you do have the source file, then you can add your name as the author, rename the book, and include your affiliate links in it!

Never, and I mean never, try to submit PLR articles to article directories. These will always be rejected, and sometimes will even get you banned. Also, do not try to submit parts of an eBook as an article, either. I guarantee that thousands of people have done that exact same thing before you though of it.

One last tip is to think long and hard about the pricing of your products. Do not price too high, of course, because no one will buy it. On the other hand, if you price too low, nobody will see any value in what you are selling.

Source by Ryan B. Carter

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