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A very quick and easy way to put your PLR content to use is to start your own blog site and always providing your readers with fresh new content.

The key to a successful blog is to have great fresh content and to monetize that using several different revenue generators. As Darren Rowse of says "I've long advised that bloggers seeking to earn an income from blogging spread their interests across multiple revenue streams so as not to put all their eggs in one basket."

Darren is very open about approaching in excess of $ 100,000 each year from his blogs. As a professional blogger he's learned the ins and outs of creating a money making blog. I highly recommend that you read his blog at and learn as much as you can.

Step # 1: Find a Unique Angle

The best blogs are like good newsletters – they have something unique to offer readers.

Start by researching the topic you're interested in blogging about. What angle is not covered by the current blogs? There are questions that you will need to be asking yourself, like what new information are you able to offer your readers?

Once you've found your unique angle, come up with a great name and slogan. Branding your blog will be important to make it stand out and be remembered by your visitors.

Step # 2: Choose Your Software I highly recommend Word-press because of its flexibility. Since it's "open source software" anyone can use it on their site for free. And there is an entire community of developers who create plug-ins that add functionality.

Because Word-press can be installed on your own server, you have more control over it. If you're nervous about installing your own software, do not worry. The instructions that are provided are very quick and easy to follow.

Step # 3: Customize Your Blog Another thing I love about Word-press is the number of free templates that are available. It makes customizing how your blog looks so very simple. Check out some of the best here: Official Word-press Theme Page

Step # 5: Add Multiple Revenue Streams

The key to making good money from your blog is to use as many different revenue generation tactics as you can without it being distracting to your readers. Remember, developing a loyal following is key to the long term success of your blog. So do not scare them away by making your blog look like one big ad!

Here are some great ways you can make money from your blog:

=> Promote Your Own Products and Services – You are likely to make the most money from promoting your own products and services. So whenever possible, mention them in your posts. Do not have products or services of your own? Read the other business plans in this report and make a few using PLR content. It's quick and easy to do!

=> Recommend Other People's Products and Services – There is no shortage of products that you can promote as an affiliate. A great way to introduce them to your blog readers is to write or review them into an informational post. Whatever you do, make sure you write something unique telling people about the product or service instead of using the affiliate materials provided. Readers can spot sales copy from a mile away.

=> Include Ad-sense Ads in Your Posts – The easiest way to do this is with the Ad-sense-Deluxe Word-press Plug-in. Follow the instructions and in no time you'll be able to quickly and easily add Ad-sense to any posts you want.

Step # 6: Get the Word Out

One of the best ways to get the word out about your blog is to use "pinging". Pinging is blog speak for "notifying other sites when your blog is updated". There are a number of services that keep track of blogs and publish when they are updated to provide readers with up to date content.

By pinging these services, you let them know that your blog has been updated so they can crawl and index your site. The result is an increase in your blogs popularity and in turn your traffic.

Word-press comes with a built in pinging feature. Every time you make a new post to your blog, a ping is sent automatically with no work required on your part. You can find more information on which sites are pinged in the "Word-press Admin section". From the "Options" menu choose "Writing" and at the bottom of the screen you'll see "Update Services."

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