Step by Step Guide for ERP Software Lead Generation


Most people do not know the existence of ERP softwares. ERP (or Enterprise Resource Planning software), are computer applications for businesses to integrate internal and external functions for the entirety of their organization. These applications aid them in various departments such as financing, manufacturing, sales and marketing, customer and client relationship, and many others.

Manufacturers, programmers, and resellers of these ERP softwares brace themselves of the hardships of marketing their computer application. Since not every business in the globe knows or even needs such software, it can give them a run for their money. Other sellers of these software will be competing and vying to generate more software leads than others. As such, companies who market such computer applications need to find a quick way to get ahead of their competitors lest they lose out on the entire race.

First of all, generating software leads requires precision targeting. ERP manufacturers and resellers need to know, first and foremost, the target that will greatly benefit from the acquisition of their software. Without a target, the software company will just randomly contact prospects in the hopes of acquiring a sales out of them. This is neither beneficial nor cost efficient as it is a great waste of time and money.

Once the target has been sighted, the next step is for the software company to provide their campaign with the right marketing means. Outsourcing to a reputable telemarketing firm is by far the leading option for many. The main reason is that the aid of professional telemarketers are second to none. They know who to talk to and how to pique their interests. As such, they can provide the maximum probabilities for leads to be converted into certified clients for the software company.

Outsourcing to a telemarketing firm is not the last step on our list. Next up is for the software company to work together with the telemarketing firm in perfecting the campaign. It does not mean that the campaign is outsourced the software company will just have to wait for the results. In helping telemarketers, the ERP company should first give the representative’s adequate information about the product. After which, both parties can devise a calling script to attract the attention of prospects. Simply put, these two parties should always work hand in hand to come up with a successful lead generation campaign.

If outsourced to the right group of telemarketers, the software company can expect to get a number of qualified sales leads from their campaign. Manufacturers and resellers of these softwares now need to consider their options on what they should do next for their company; should they stop generating software leads for the moment or renew their contract with the telemarketing firm? The choice is theirs to male. They can start by closing deals first out of the generated leads or, if their finances call for it, continue on with their outsourced campaign.

In the end, the right telemarketing firm allows for a greater chance to acquire quality sales leads for the software company’s ERP applications. Owners of companies that market these ERP solutions should pay due diligence in outsourcing their campaign for their own good.

Source by Claire M Hansen

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