Success is a Process, Not an Event


We all need a little inspiration once in a while, and we all need to be reminded that achieving success is a process, not an event. It doesn’t happen over night. Here are some ideas for

improving your chances of internet business success.

Have a plan, preferably written. We all need to get organized, and have a vision of where we are going. Some people seem always to take the impulsive “fire … aim … ready” approach and do everything without thinking. At the other extreme are those who are subject to “the paralysis of analysis” … they spend all their time thinking, and never get into action. As with most things, moderation is the key. Take some time to think out a plan and write down the sequence, then get to work. The plan can always be revised as you go.

Treat your internet business as a real business. If you’re serious about making money, or achieving personal freedom, you have to think of this as a business, not a game or a hobby. Discipline yourself to work on your business regularly. Set aside an hour a day, or one day a week,

or whatever your personal schedule allows, and discipline yourself to abide by that schedule. Setting aside an area of your house to be your “office” is always a good idea, too. Even if it’s only 10 square feet in the corner of your bedroom, that is your “office”.

Think of your business progress as a scientist would. Make your plan, but leave it flexible. Try some things, and be willing to modify your ideas and plan based upon results and experience. A scientist forms a theory, then tests the theory, then modifies the theory to account for the

results, and tests it again. That happens over and over. It works great for business, too.

Set realistic goals. Many people make the mistake of shooting for the moon, instead of setting a series of attainable goals along the way. Set realistic goals, reward yourself for achieving them, and then “raise the bar” for your next goal. You can’t get to the top of the stairs without climbing each of the steps …

Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was any other successful business. While internet business offers the chance to “fast track” your way to success with much lower costs than traditional business, it still requires an investment of time and money, and the patience to watch it grow. Your first several months, possibly even the first six months to a year are basically a learning experience.

Getting started is the hardest work. You’re learning new things, perhaps developing a web site or learning how to advertise and market on the internet. Most people say they did the hardest work for the least payoff in the first six months of their internet venture, but as time goes on, they work less and less, and earn more and more.

Do what excites you. If you’re serious about internet business, you’ll be putting a lot of time into it. One sure way to sabotage yourself is to be doing something that holds no interest for you. Instead, pick something that excites you. It might be your favorite hobby, or

something else that you’re passionate about. Maybe the sales process itself excites you. That’s fine, but at least pick products that interest you, or sooner or later, you’ll lose interest in promoting.

The riches are in the niches. Many people starting out in internet business tend to have too broad a focus, or try to sign up for dozens and dozens of affiliate programs, taking a “shotgun” approach. They apparently figure that if they have enough irons in the fire, *something* will pay off. Internet veterans are quick to point out, however, that a far better approach is to pick a narrowly defined niche … a unique product, or a product being sold to a unique population. The

trick is to find something that has a fairly high demand, but relatively low competition. When you find it, you’ve found a “niche”.

Develop multiple income streams. Rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket, try to develop multiple sources of online income. That way, if one of the products or vendors

you are promoting fizzles out, you have several other income streams still functioning. The idea is very much like diversifying a stock portfolio. While this seems to contradict what I just said above about picking a niche, it doesn’t have to. You could represent several complementary products to the same niche market, or develop several niches. The point is to start narrow, but diversify as time goes on.

Think positively. You would be amazed how much your own attitudes, whether conscious or unconscious, affect your outcomes. If you’re in an internet business opportunity that doesn’t feel right to you, or which you don’t expect to work out, then either change your attitude, or change your

business. If you believe in what you’re doing, don’t let the negative attitudes of others dissuade you. Considering the opinions and feedback of others is smart … blindly allowing them to alter your beliefs automatically is not.

Source by John Barbour

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