The Difference Between Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, and Master Resell Rights


In the beginning the difference between all the different "rights" of digital products thread me off. They really are not difficult to understand but without anyone to explain them the research could be a bit time consuming. I reviewed each type of resale product and have used each type in my online endeavors. Digital products with resale rights are very valuable and can greatly increase your income and other aspects of your business.

For these reasons I have outlined below what I have learned about different "rights" of digital products.

Basic Resell Rights

You can resell the digital product but you can not transfer the rights there before your customers can not resell the product.

Master Resell Rights – MRR

You can resell the digital product as well as allow the customer to resell the product.

Private Resell Rights – PLR

With Private Resell Rights Products you can often rebrand the product with your name and edit the content. They are usually more expensive to purchase as well.

Similar to Private Label Rights are Rebranding Rights . The difference is that with rebranding rights you may be limited in how much you can edit within the digital product.

Lastly, there are products with Giveaway Rights these products usually are not good to sell, can be given away for free, and can be good for lead collecting.

By knowing these rights you can see how powerful they can be towards your online career and marketing efforts. You can use digital Resale products to generate an income, offer your customer quality information, and used them as a lead generation tool.

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