Top Sales and Marketing Resources for 2016


Digital marketing and sales campaigns are top priorities for companies of every size. Mastering these important elements is the only way to ensure the growth and success of your brand.

While there are a larger number of various opportunities and strategies out there, the massive marketplace has broken wide open when it comes to marketing and sales tools. In fact, thousands of businesses today have developed exclusive tools to aid customers in streamlining, marketing and selling products.

The result, however, is a saturated marketplace that requires tools to be vetted properly prior to adoption. However, there are some top products for 2016 that every Internet Marketer should consider.


Everyone who knows about Internet Marketing is already aware of just how huge content marketing has become these days. More and more businesses are adding it to their budget every year. However, many are not taking the necessary steps to improve the relevance and quality of the content they produce. This tool will do just that. With it, you will be able to quickly identify the best ideas, keywords and topics for your content marketing campaign.


These days, digital marketers are spending a considerable amount of their time on the development of landing pages, content marketing and social media. However, search engine optimization should not be overlooked. This tool will analyze the architecture of your site. Then it will identify and fix technical problems that could be affecting the performance of your SEO and diminishing your conversion rate.


A B2B company relies on a constant flow of prospects at its fingertips. If this is the type of business you operate, you will find GrowthList very helpful. While it is billed for startups, it is actually a great tool for small and midsized organizations as well. The comprehensive database of tech companies includes important details regarding those companies. All you have to do is add them to your sales funnel and you are ready to get started.


This is the age of social media, which means it is vital for a business to listen to what is being said about them in cyberspace. Mention makes it possible to track brand names and key phrases in real time. This is an excellent way to keep up with everything people have to say about your brand. You will have the capability of holding more meaningful conversations with sales leads and prospects.


Many businesses are not using Twitter to its full potential. It can be used as a great branding and marketing tool, but also provides an excellent resource to find and reach out to your sales prospects. This tool lets you enter keywords and hashtags in the search bar to qualify leads on the social media site. You will receive a customized list of prospects and help following up on those leads as well.


The tagline for this tool is “Send cold emails that feel warm.” Both your outbound and inbound emails can be automated with prospects very early in your sales funnel. The best part is that it does it without being irrelevant and impersonal. It does not matter if you are seeking deep analytics or sending sequenced emails, this versatile tool can add a considerable amount of value to your sales team.


Unomy eliminates the need to piece fragmented sales tools together to accomplish specific tasks. It is a sales intelligence platform to sell more effectively, faster and smarter. With this tool, you can create lists of targeted prospects, identify new prospects, gain insight regarding potential partners and prioritize opportunities and leads.

When you aspire to grow your brand, you cannot waste your time on resources and tools that do not help you move forward successfully. For this reason, it is important to have the right tools from the very beginning and implement them into your marketing strategies.

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