Total Life Changes Review – Is it Legitimate?


Total Life Changes is a health and wellness company founded by several greatly experienced network marketers. The company CEO is a gentleman named Jack Fallon. Mr. Fallon is assisted by Clark Bartram a well-known and trusted fitness expert. They firmly believe that if you offer people a product that truly gets results they will not only use the product for life, they will share their experience with others.

TLC offers three products: Iaso Tea, Iaso Slim and their Nutraburst vitamin. Fallon and Bartram feel that their products are life changing and have many testimonials to back that belief up.

Interestingly there is no sign up fee or kit cost to become a member of Total Life Changes. Of course there is a minimum purchase requirement in order for IBO’s (independent business owners) to earn commissions. The qualification to earn commissions is that you simply maintain a personal volume of 40 every 30 days. When you become an IBO, you will receive a company web site.

The marketing plan TLC uses is a binary pay plan with an impressive bonus schedule attached. In a binary pay plan the distributor builds two legs and bonuses are paid on the weaker leg. It can be somewhat challenging to keep both legs roughly the same size to optimize your commissions. It should be noted that even with this challenge many people have had great success using a binary pay plan.

I believe that Total Life Changes is definitely a legitimate business opportunity with high quality products. Joining TLC to take advantage of their great products makes perfect sense. If you enjoy holding home meetings and are comfortable contacting friends, family, and acquaintances to either purchase TLC products or to join you in your business, then the opportunity side of TLC would also make good sense.

It is however a fact that 98% of individuals fail to earn an income in network marketing because they are unsuccessful or unwilling to solicit family and friends. On the other hand if you are able to effectively use the Internet to have customers and prospects that are looking for your opportunity find you, you will find success with Total Life Changes or any other network marketing company.

Source by Evan DuChene