Using PLR As a Starting Platform For Your Business


Private Lvel Rights, or PLR, products are a great starting place for beginners. They offer you the luxury of not having to create a brand new product from scratch. A PLR product a fully prepackaged e-book, video or training course that you can do anything with. In the simplist case, you can just change the name on the product and sell that.

Getting started with PLR is very easy, though you will need a few things before you can start:

  • A PLR Product (preferably with Master Resell Rights)
  • Domain name
  • Web hosting
  • MS Word (or any other application which can open.doc files)
  • a PDF creator
  • A merchant account of some sort

To start using a PLR product you use need one. There are plenty PLR product out there and just as many places to buy them. The easiest way find PLR product is to use your favorite search engine and search for "PLR ebook", for example. You can also try "PLR videos", "buy PLR" or any variations of those.

You will also need a domain name and web hosting. This is the easiest part. You can get a domain name pretty cheap these days, a.COM for about $ 7 and web hosting for also $ 7 per month (depending on your hosting package).

Editing a PLR product is usually extremely easy as most PLR products are e-books and come in both PDF and MS Word format. To edit your PLR ebook, all you have to do is open the MS Word document and change the author name. Although that is all you have to do at a minimum, it is very highly recommended to you also partly rewrite the book to fit into your own words, change the banner / logo graphics and spice it up.

All of that can be easily outsource for very cheap. There are plenty of companies on the internet which specialize in PLR re-working. For under $ 100, they can redo all the graphics, make it better looking, rewrite the book into 'your' words and even make a 'mini' website for you.

Once all the editing and reworking is complete, all you have to do it make a PDF version of the book. This was the PDF creator comes in. There are plenty out there on the internet, so choose one you like as there is no 'correct' or best one.

After you have the finished PDF version, you attach it to your website and sell it. There's nothing else to it, it really is that simple. Attaching it to your site might be a bit complex, depending on your situation, so it's probably best to leave that to a webmaster whom you hire out.

Your website should link to a shopping cart system and / or a merchant account. This will allow you to process payments easily. If you do not have either, that's ok. You can always put your product up on a reseller site like ClickBank or CJ.

Source by Piotr Krzyzek

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