What Is PLR? Private Label Rights Explained


What is PLR? While it may sound like something to clean your bathroom – PLR is simply private label rights. Private label rights content can be web sites, blog posts, ebooks, video, audio (such as MP3s) and other forms of content. When you buy PLR, you are buying the right to use that content as your own. Different authors have different rules about what you can do with the content they offer.

In most cases, you will have these rights to the content you purchase:

* You can call it your own

* You can use it on blogs, emails, web sites, to create ebooks, etc.

* You can usually sell it as ebooks, courses, membership sites and the like

* Some PLR ​​rights include the right to publish the material offline – such as in books or DVDs.

Read the rights license that comes with your PLR package, or ask the seller to explain your rights in writing. You want to be sure that the private label rights you purchase has the broadest rights available so that you are not restricted in how you can use the content.

For instance, you may buy an ebook then break it up to create web site content or email autoresponder messages. You may purchase a series of PLR videos and set up a membership site containing those videos and your own content.

With high-quality PLR, your possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, a lot of PLR is poor quality or has been sold so many times that it is basically worthless. There are ways to use that kind of PLR, but it is far better to start out with content that is well-written and has not been sold thousands of times.

Some private label rights sellers limit the number of times a particular blog package or ebook can be sold. Others keep their content from becoming oversaturated by limiting how it can be resold. Typically a seller will require that it be written substantively before selling again as PLR or they will insist that it not be resold at all.

Using private label rights content can make it much faster to set up web sites and to create affiliate marketing funnels for your business. Now that you can answer the question, "What is PLR?" the time has come to learn more about how to use it.

Source by Julie Holland

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