Who is Jay Kubassek?


Are you ready to learn more about the genius behind Carbon Copy Pro?

Jay Kubassek is a young business success who already owns 6 companies and plans to keep growing. He lives in NYC with his girlfriend and 3 year old son.

Jay Kubassek, at the age of 19, was the manager of his family’s $5M farm in Canada. During that time he was also doing speeches and conventions, teaching others what he knew about agriculture. Since then he has continued to grow, and change the business world.

In 2007 he launched one of the largest successes of Internet marketing, Carbon Copy Pro. Carbon Copy Pro is one of the most innovative ways to learn marketing. Simply put, Carbon Copy Pro teaches people who don’t know marketing, how to market, faster than any course available.

Due to how great the program is, the company has exploded with sales. In the past two years it has grown to be a $20M company. He has customers in over 107 countries and Carbon Copy Pro continues to grow every day.

In his spare time Jay enjoys film so much he actually films his own pieces. He owns his own film company, called Aliquot, and is featured on the internet movie database (IMDB.com). He has done so well with his own films that in 2008 one of his films was at the Cannes Film festival. It did so great, it will be in theaters in 2009. Aside from Internet marketing and film, Jay is also an investor and developer in foreign real estate.

In addition, you might find Jay playing for his Elephant polo team, or doing some off road racing. Just as in his businesses, he has succeeded in sports. He has won a silver metal with his polo team. With the off road racing he was one of the few who finished the 2008 Baja 1000.

Last but not least, when you talk about Jay, you have to mention his giving spirit. He has been caught working with several charities, all with great causes. He has helped the Africa Name Campaign, Autism, Diabetes and Breast Cancer.

At such a young age Jay has already accomplished so much, he is definitely someone to keep your eye on for future launches, business ideas, and inspirations. Stay tuned to his website JayKussabek.com and get instant updates when something big is going on. You won’t want to miss it.

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