Why Hotels Need Social Media Marketing Through Facebook


In the present times, social media networks have come up to be an effective way to market your business in the most powerful manner. For hoteliers, this has come up as a boon. This is because this popular social networking website has got many takers in the form of youngsters and middle aged travel-lovers who can turn out to be your potential guests. Many people today believe more in the social presence of a hotel rather than believing what the hotel websites talk about. Travelers and hotel Booker have started trusting brands by analyzing their social media presence in terms of likes, fans and previous guests’ responses.

There are many ways in which large and small hotels can engage consumers through social media.

This may vary as what matters is the right approach to the social media. Many different methods are also applied for brand building and online marketing and using Facebook is one of them. Social media marketing is quickly becoming the most successful way to generate revenues online as there are more than 5 million Facebook users worldwide. Facebook is where maximum customers (especially youngsters- the buyers) can be targeted. Hotels that exclude this new age social media marketing platform out of their Hotel SMO strategy often lose out on significant opportunities.

Many hoteliers who understand the importance of internet have started using Facebook to promote their hotel and services due to its potential reach. In a competent market place, it is essential for the entrepreneurs to devote their time to the promotion work and know their leads and competitors. With search engines like Google tightening their hold on small business enterprises by making it more difficult to show up in search results even after using long tailed phrases, Facebook has beneficiary features for small business set ups to build their campaigns for online promotions.

With ever growing number of users, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and foursquare etc are expected to be the new Google’s of the present century. Even small businesses can retain their guests and augment their sales by using the power to post their content, offers and discounts on the favorite platforms of their guests.

To avail the benefits of online hotel marketing through Facebook, you should first create a fan page for your hotel or restaurant. Fan pages have no limits in terms of numbers and offer statistics for the activity of the people who fan/like your page. Before starting to promote your property through Facebook; you should realize the primary objectives as to whether it is to develop the brand building for your hotel, or to gather more prospects or to increase web trafficking or to make more money. Once clear with your objectives, you will realize the power of Social media promotions and as to how promising are they to give your business a punch of promotion. This might also turn out to be the best source of traffic to your websites and blogs.

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