Why PLR Articles Are Useless


You will not find PLR, or private right label articles, at custom article writing services. The reason PLR articles are not being pushed anymore is because they are useless. There was a time on the Internet when people realized that they could make a bit of money using Google AdSense and other similar programs by creating a website on a tightly focused niche topic. The idea behind private right label articles was that it works so well on one site, why not create hundreds or thousands of similar sites to draw in traffic and earn even more money.

A few problems quickly annoyed when it came to the mass creation of very similar websites with very similar content articles. Custom articles with unique content were not the focus at that time. Basically, a few tactics were developed to speed this process along. People were creating site after site using the same articles. Article sites were popping up that offered PLR articles for next to nothing. The reason for that is that they could make the same dollar over and over again with the same article.

Essentially, they could make a lot of money by selling and reselling the same article to different people across the Internet. One difference in PLR articles and what we now call article marketing is that you could claim these articles as your own and change the word to meet your needs. This discovery led to a whole new way of writing articles.

Instead of creating custom articles and providing a real service to potential clients, reporters were buying PLR articles and making minor changes before circulating them around on the Internet again. Software was even developed where you could plug in a PLR article and change just enough words to make it appear a different article. This line of thinking created a big problem on the Internet at the time. Duplicate content became a huge problem.

It became extremely frustrating to put a keyword into a search engine and come up with a list of sites that all offered the same or very similar articles. It became very difficult to find what you were actually looking for. After a while writers, publishers and customers started to create custom written articles. That's when the idea came around that content is king and that idea stuck.

These ready-to-post content articles made it easy and affordable for site owners to get content on their sites. But they did not work very well. In reality, these articles were pushed to the bottom of page ranks and never graced a computer screen. Boring websites across the Internet that publish the same articles were not receiving the attention they once had. They have no value for the reader and are useless in terms of search engines and page ranking.

The Difference between PLR Articles and Custom Article Writing

When PLR articles became useless, the next wave of Internet marketing became custom articles. It became clear that to reach the top of the search engine pages you would need to create unique articles with interesting content and clearly focused keywords. This sounds like a daunting task. If you're writing skills are not up to par you can always hire a writer or visit a custom article writing site to purchase articles, including their copyright. The difference is that with article marketing and using custom articles, the same article is not used over and over again.

This new way of marketing is a way for business owners to ask for specific needs for their articles and have a specialized team of writers work to achieve that for them. The business owner gets full rights to the article and claims ownership of them. Custom articles are not re-sold to other clients. This gives a value to custom articles written exclusively for one site.

Source by Mike Lawson

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